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Ultra White Cement

Ultra White cement is an ISI guaranteed white portland cement which gives an ideal completion to solidify-based surfaces. Manufactured by Emirates Cement India PVT LTD

ALLWYNRAJ CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS PVT LTD is an Authorised Distributor of Ultra White Cement.

Usage of Ultra White Cement

Available Size

Allwyn Primer : 1kg, 5kg, 25kg, 50Kg 

Easy to Use

Very simple to prepare and apply.

Smooth Finish

You will get a smooth finishing wall.

More Whiteness

It gives more whiteness than normal Cem.

Assured Quality

We assured quality of product on each pack

How to Use Ultra White Cement?
Preparation Method

The standard blend of white cement requires blending the white cement in with water in the proportion of 2:1 extents of water and white cement.

Better Mixing Techniques

Proportion of 2:1 extents of water and white cement.

Apply Method

For the most part, two layers of this blend are expected to cover the walls equitably.

Advantage of Ultra White Cement
  • The main advantage of ultra-white cement is that it limits water somewhat.
  • Another advantage is of ultra-white cement is that it very well may be utilized as wall clay.
  • White cement is ordinarily utilized prior to applying paint as it has more properties contrasted with the dark cement.