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Allwyn Tile Fix

Allwyn Tile Fix is a ready-made cementitious, waterproof, self-relieving tile glue. Allwyn Tile fix has great adhesion and water-safe properties which isn’t influenced by the presence of dampness.

Usage of Allwyn Tile Fix

Available Size

Allwyn Tile Fix: 

Easy to Use

Very simple to prepare and apply.

Smooth Finish

You will get a smooth finishing wall.

More Colour Range

Available multiple colour range

Assured Quality

We assured quality of product on each pack

How to Allwyn Tile Fix?
Preparation Method

You should blend a little amount of tile cement. Therefore pour around 1/4 gallon to 1 liter of water in the pail, to set up an amount of glue for 3 sq feet/1 m2.

Advantage of Allwyn Tile Fix
  • Ready-made, just water should be added.
  • Gives more grounded bond than regular cement sand mortar.
  • Self-relieving.
  • It has high waterproofing properties.
  • Wetting of tiles isn’t needed.
  • Chloride free.