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Allwyn Flooring Oxide

Allwyn Flooring Oxide is a deep-rooted practice of utilizing oxide colors (essential colors) in different mixes for ground surfaces. This might be with lime, mud, or concrete.

Usage of Allwyn Flooring Oxide

Available Size

Allwyn Flooring Oxide: 

Easy to Use

Very simple to prepare and apply.

Smooth Finish

You will get a smooth finishing wall.

More Colour Range

Available multiple colour range

Assured Quality

We assured quality of product on each pack

How to Allwyn Flooring Oxide?
Preparation Method

For laying oxide floors, the initial step is to blend dry cement and oxide.

Mixing Techniques

Gradually add water to get a slurry-like consistency. For one section oxide, up to three pieces of gray cement will give a dark tint. 

 Expanding the amount of cement will bring about a lighter shade.

Advantage of Allwyn Flooring Oxide
  • A less pricer and durable ground surface alternative, red oxide floors look rich and are not difficult to keep up.
  • Cleaning floors are sufficient to save it in great condition for quite a long time.
  • The cool red oxide floors are ideal for homes situated in warm or tropical areas.