A leading CEM/SLAKED LIME POWDER manufacturer in the country, ALLWYN RAJ CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS PVT LTD. which was founded by Mr. E.  ALLWYN RAJ.



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Madurai, Tamilnadu, India


How to use/apply the product

  • Surface Preparation – Before applying the Allwyn Primer, clean the surface from dust, loose particles, residual paints, fungus, oil or any other contamination.

  • Allwyn Primer – Mix the required amount of Allwyn Primer with water as 2:1 ratio and stir well with hand or mixer for 10 min (up to get creamy mix).
  • Apply Allwyn Primer – Depending on the colour and surface of the wall, apply one or two coating of Allwyn Primer.

Available Sizes

20kg, 5kg, 1kg bags

Benefits of using Primer
  • Applying Allwyn Primer fills the gaps in the drywall and smooths out the rough surface.

  • Allwyn Primer prevent the exterior walls from getting damaged due to the moistness.

  • Allwyn Primer will neutralize the base colour of your wall and helps to save your cost by applying paints too moany layers.

Allwyn Primer can be applied over any masonry surface wall, it provides a smooth and surface for the paint layer. Applying a Allwyn wall primer helps the paint adhere to the wall better, and improves the durability and longevity of the paint coat.

Usage of the product

Exterior and Interior

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